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Winter Warmers

The Winter Warmers at All About Us has been running since November 2022, we are grateful to have had Triangle Housing Association help us fund these warm meals which we provide to anyone who pops by.

We were even able to fit in a small Christmas celebration before the break and we gathered some hampers with thanks to Marion from Triangle, Rosaleen from Asda and with thanks to John at Yew Tree family butchers we also provided a meal for Christmas Day to anyone who was on their own or unable to cook.

Throughout the past few months we have met some amazing people, learnt so many new things and been able to share information about our group. Friendships and support networks continue to blossom at All About Us.

Yesterday we were delighted to welcome Marion back with us for a catch up visit where she was able to meet some of our community and to be able to introduce our new community ambassador Jonathan.

With the ongoing support from Triangle Housing the Winter Warmers will continue running with a possible extention into the summer under a new name.

Thank you again to everyone who makes it possible to bring these oppertunities to life, those who work in the background to help implement them and most of all our volunteers who dedicate their time and energy never failing to deliver a project.

Roll on 2023 ❤️

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