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All About Us Membership Card

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Why become a member?

This card is designed for our young people and adults should they need assistance.

Why this card?

We often receive feedback that our families with older children or adults are finding themselves in situations where the assistance they need is not understood due to them being older, this can be distressing to both the parent/carer and the young person or adult.

This card is a membership card for our families and each young person who registers with the group receives one (registration is free) this makes this card available as both their membership card and also a card to explain the possible need for assistance outside of the group setting.

Those who attend the meetups are proud to say they are members of All About Us, our members live in various different areas and we are aiming to have these cards properly recognised in the communities in Northern Ireland. By having these cards it will help to end that misconception that when you get older you dont need assisance or that you grow out of autism.

Awareness will grow by the help of others and by joining our group and sharing our card with local councils, businesses and families it will help to ensure that they become recognised without questioning the age of the holder of the card

This is extremely important because by having these cards recognised it will enable those who use the card to take up the oppertunities to visit places knowing it will be okay and without justifying their needs due to their age.

How much does it cost?

For the young people and adults who attend All About Us, at both our Antrim group or our Ahoghill group, these cards are given out with the registration in the aim that it will help to assist them to take part in activities if they require some assistance.

If you arent able to attend our meetups at All About Us and would benefit from attending the online sessions for stratagies to use at home and your young person may benefit from the use of the card you can become a member by purchasing one of these cards for £5, they are available in our online shop.

As a member of All About Us you will be able to attend our parent support free. Sessions run once a month until June. (online with Rebecca McCullough from Edan Consultancy).

I am a business do i need training to recognise this card?

To become a recognised friend and member of All About Us you do not need to attend training for this card. Although if you require us to hold an information session to introduce the card contact us to arrange this.

Compassion, understanding and ensuring your staff recognise the card and the difficulties the user may experience and need assistance with is all you need.

The card highlights the difficulties the young person or adult may have, you may notice them struggling or you may see they have a parent/carer with them.

If you offer a discount for carers or young people/adults with additional needs by becoming a friend and memeber of All About Us we will be able to compile a list which we will be able to give our families and young people so they know they can visit, use their card and are supported by your business.

If you are a business who would like to join us in raising awareness and recognising the needs of those young people and adults in our community who may need assistance contact us today.

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