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ASDAN Qualification

Please fill out this short survey if you are interested in participating in the ASDAN Qualification Sessions.

To book ASDAN sessions please book via the website or wix spaces app.

ASDAN offers a variety of qualifications and courses designed to enhance personal and

professional development. Examples include:

1. Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE) - Focuses on skills like problem-solving, teamwork, and communication.

2. Employability - Prepares students for the workplace with skills in job search, interview techniques, and professional behaviour.

3. Personal and Social Development (PSD) - Enhances personal, social, and health education.

4. Key Steps - Aimed at younger learners to develop essential skills in literacy, numeracy, and ICT. 5.

Short Courses - Cover a wide range of topics such as Animal Care, Enterprise, and Environmental Studies, each designed to be flexible and engaging.

6. Work Experience - Helps students gain practical experience and reflect on their learning and development in a work environment.

7. Volunteering - Encourages active citizenship and community involvement through structured volunteering activities.

Information about the ASDAN Qualification below.

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