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Parent/carer support needs

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

We are planning our future supports and are asking what is relevant to your needs and wants.

Please take a few minutes to feed back to us what would be beneficial for yourself or your family.

Thank you

Do you prefer online or face to face support?

  • 0%Online

  • 0%Face to face

What times suit better?

  • 0%Daytime

  • 0%Evening

What topics would you like covered?

  • 0%Meltdowns

  • 0%Puberty

  • 0%Self harm

  • 0%Visuals

Would you prefer support or sessions offered to be:

  • 0%Weekly

  • 0%Monthly

For any other ideas on sessions that would be useful or needs that aren't mentioned, please email us at

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