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Star project

Our Star (stop⛔, think💭 and reset💫) Project at All About Us - Asd Teens®️

Social and emotional learning intervention programme.

A 6 week programme for young people who are struggling with identifying and coping with their emotions.

When young people understand and recognise their emotions they become in control of their thoughts, feelings and their behaviours.

By being emotionally healthy it provides a young person with the skills to be able to cope with the challenges and problems they may face throughout their life.

Having the ability to Stop & Think they are able to put these problems and issues into perspective.

By putting things into perspective our young people are able to Reset their initial emotions and reactions and bounce back from the setbacks they have experienced.

The programme consists of various methods of recognising emotions and exploring coping mechanisms.

The programme can be delivered in small group sessions or on a 1-2-1 basis.

For more information email us all

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